US-China Cyberinfrastructure
Collaboration Initiative

CANS 2014 Will be held on September 15-17 by New York University in New York City, USA

The Chinese-American Networking Symposium focuses on ways to enhance and increase collaborative opportunities for Internet2 and its members working with Chinese universities and researchers, building upon the recent and long-term interaction and engagement between Internet2, CERNET, CSTNET, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences that has led to enhanced relationships, coordination, information-sharing, and improved services. More...

First-ever around-the-world network backup agreement signed among ORIENTplus, Internet2, TransPAC3 and CERNET to improve service for international researchers

 Vital research collaborations involving China, Europe and the United States will be safeguarded through the first, major agreement among partners running the two main high-speed research and education (R&E) Internet routes across Asia, Europe and North America. more

New Singapore Facility Provides Universities Advanced Global Connections for Research and Education 

Universities seeking to expand their international programs - or to better support existing global campuses and research - stand to benefit from the advanced data and communications network facility unveiled in Singapore on Tuesday by Internet2, global networking partners and several leading Internet2 member universities. More info is here .

Chinese and American Network Engineers Demonstrating Inter-Domain, Software-Defined Networking Testbed and Application at CANS2013 and SC13

American and Chinese network engineers demonstrated a network virtualization technique to abstractly link multiple network domains, each controlled by a different organization, in a scalable, secure, agile, and open fashion. The demonstration enabled the trans-Pacific transfer of genomic data among multiple collaborating networks, showcasing the ability to develop and deploy scientific applications that transfer massive amounts of scientific research data across multiple administrative domains.


The Internet2 US-China Collaboration Initiative is a multi-year, multi-path collaboration program between U.S. and Chinese researchers, scientists, educators, and leaders in higher education. The program will bring them together to discuss key issues regarding network deployment, global cyberinfrastructure, and interoperability in support of research and education in the US and China, with the likelihood of enhancing international collaborations in a broad range of disciplines.