US-China Cyberinfrastructure
Collaboration Initiative


October 17-19, 2016 - Houston, Texas, USA

Host Website

CANS2016 Program (515.5 KB)

Keynote Presentations 

Science. Networks. CANS. A proposal for how we can better work together. (8.5 MB)

 Philip Papadopoulos

Sunway Taihu Light Supercomputer: System and Application (36.1 MB)

 Haohuan Fu

The Role of Networks in Collaboration (2.0 MB)

Moshe Vardi

HTCondor and the Network (2.9 MB)

Miron Livny

Research Collaboration Presentations

Networks for Remote Computer-Aided Diagnosis (19.5 MB)

Stefan Jaeger

The Internet and China's Modern Agriculture (8.0 MB)

Liu Shihong

Critical Phase Transition and Deep Learning (12.9 MB)

Chen Zeng

NREN Organizational Updates

CERNET Update (1.8 MB)

Xing Li

CSTNET Update (3.6 MB)

Jiangning Chen

Internet2 Update (5.2 MB)

Ana Hunsinger

Working Group 1 - Network characterization and performance measurement

Working Group 1 Presentation (2.1 MB)

Zhonghui Li

International Networks at Indiana University (1.9 MB)

Predrag Radulovic

Summary of Working Group Discussions (38.4 KB)

Zhonghui Li

Working Group 2 - IPv6

CANS2016 IPv6 Working Group Introduction (90.5 KB)

Alan Whinery

IPv6 Deployment (1.3 MB)

Xing Li

Summary of Working Group Discussions (73.3 KB)

Alan Whinery

Working Group 3 - Identity Management

Trust and Identity Services – an introduction (4.6 MB)

 Kevin Morooney

Education Cloud Progress (6.0 MB)

Daren Zha

Identity Management in CERNET (3.1 MB)

Ping Chen

Identity with blockchain (1.8 MB)

He Zhao

Unified Identity Authentication System of CSTNET (1.2 MB)

Chun Long

Summary of Working Group Discussions (1.5 MB)

Klara Jelinkova

CIO Working Group

Transnational Education (9.3 MB)

Tom Delaney

TNE - JISC Update (722.8 KB)

Esther Wilkinson

CERNET TNE Update (3.0 MB)

William Wan