US-China Cyberinfrastructure
Collaboration Initiative

Past Programs


October 23-26
Kunshan, China
  Duke Kunshan University hosted the 18th Chinese-American Networking Symposium in Kunshan, China


October 17-19
Houston, Texas
  Rice University hosted the 17th Chinese-American Networking Symposium in Houston, Texas. 

CANS 2015

September 21-23
Chengdu, China
  Tsinghua University (Beijing) and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu) hosted the 16th Chinese American Networking Symposium in Chengdu, known as the "Heavenly State".
CANS 2014 September 15-17
New York City, New York, USA
  New York University (NYU) was the official host of the 2014 Chinese American Network Symposium (CANS). The symposium built on the rich Internet2 US-China Collaboration Initiative, a multi-year, multi-path collaboration program between U.S. and Chinese researchers, scientists, educators, and leaders in higher education. 
CANS 2013 September 9-11
Hangzhou, China
  CSTNET(China Science & Technology Network) hosted the fourteenth annual CANS( Chinese-American Networking Symposium) meeting from September 9, 2013 through September 11, 2013 at the HNA Resort Yunxi Hotel in Hangzhou, China.
CANS 2012 October 8-10
Seattle, WA, USA
  CANS2012, the 13th meeting of the China America Networking Symposium since 1999, was held in Seattle, WA, USA. In continuation of discussions at the previous meeting, the symposium covered topics in stable global end-to-end network performance, IPv6 usage and deployment, federation and identity management, software defined networking and future internet, and much more. 
CANS 2011 August 8-10
Kunming, China
  CANS continued its focus on working together to promote interoperability and seamless networking—and seamless collaboration in research and education. The symposium covered topics in advanced network technologies, deployment, interoperability and management; middleware and security-related issues; integration of new technologies into the network to support new research and education opportunities; and new advanced applications and evolving "applications view" of networks.
CANS 2010 September 19-21
Washington, D.C, USA
CANS 2009 December 3-5
Beijing, China
  2009 marked the 10th year of the CANS collaboration. The topics included Clean Slate, Evolutional and Incremental Solutions for the Internet, Internet Security Issues, transition to IPv6, and cloud computing.
CANS 2008 October 20-22
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  The CANS event in Indianapolis adopted the "One World One Dream" theme of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This theme reminds us of the importance of global collaboration and cooperation that help us better understand the complexities of network interoperability and explore new ways to work together to promote seamless networking. More broadly, such collaboration has the potential to expand our research and scholarly activities, strengthen our communities, and deepen our understanding of the world.
CANS 2007 August 25-26
Xi'An, China
  CANS 2007 was held August 25-26, 2007, in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, hosted by CERNET and held in conjunction with the APAN Member Meeting. The cultural highlight of the meeting was dinner at the Shanzi Grand Opera House where we enjoyed the “Dumpling Banquet Tang Dynasty” followed by the “Tang Dynasty Show”. And of course many attendees took advantage of the location to visit the Terra Cotta Army. Symposium topics focused on: Network Research & Next Generation Internet, Infrastructure and Hybrid Networking, Middleware, Applications and Promote Human Networking.
CANS 2006 December 7-8
Chicago, Illinois, USA
  CANS 2006 was the 7th annual event held Dec. 6-8, 2006, in Chicago, IL, hosted by Internet2 and held in conjunction with the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting. Topics focused on the traditional advanced network-focused topics that have been integral to CANS and remain important: infrastructure development and especially Open International Exchange Points; the complexities of international network interoperability and routing issues; IPv6 deployment and development; Middleware and Federations; and technical aspects of Grids. An addition, this year featured a “Grid Collaboration Workshop”, focused on promoting specific grid-based collaboration between US and Chinese counterparts.
CANS 2005 November 1-3
Shenzhen, China
  CANS 2005 was held Nov. 1-2 in Shenzhen, China, hosted by CSTNET. Topics focused on Advanced Network Architecture, Grid Enabled Infrastructure and Middleware, e-Science and Applications.
CANS 2004 November 30-December2
Miami, Florida, USA
  CANS 2004 was hosted by Florida International University in Miami, Florida. Program highlights included updates on the China Next Generation Internet (CNGI) and high performance computing programs, the NSF International Research Network Connections (IRNC) program, and eScience and digital library applications; special highlights included a Caribbean dinner at an authentic Latin American restaurant, a violin tutoring session between a New World Symphony instructor in Miami and a student at Tsinghua University via HD video, and live Panda webcam from Sichuan Province.
CANS 2002 August 21-23
Shanghai, China
  CANS 2002 was held in Shanghai, China, in August, 2002. It attracted more participants from both USA and China. A strong program covered broader fields in advanced network research and industries. Remote presentations via advanced networks were first introduced, with video conferencing supported in every meeting room for the first time.
CANS 2001 March 12-14
Washington, D.C, USA
  CANS 2001 was held in Washington DC, with probably the most memorable conference event being a “Crab Feast” of Maryland blue crabs in addition to the rich presentations and demonstrations of a variety of advanced applications, including high definition uncompressed video.
CANS 2000 May 26-28
Beijing, China
  The second event was held in Beijing, China. A high level of American network researchers and administrators met their Chinese partners and explored future collaboration. A historical Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Internet2 and the Chinese advanced network organizations to collaborate in bringing advanced networking capabilities to Chinese R&E communities.
CANS 1999 January 10-15
College Park, Maryland, USA
  CANS 1999 was held in Washington, D.C with more than 50 executives, network industry leaders, and officials from China, and over 60 participants from the USA.