US-China Cyberinfrastructure
Collaboration Initiative

CANS 2009

A Decade of Collaboration: Looking Back, Looking Forward

December 2-5, 2009
Beijing, China

Networking experts from China and the United States gather annually at the Chinese-American Networking Symposium (CANS) to discuss new ideas and advancements in networking technologies. The program, alternately held in the United States and China, includes presentations by networking experts, technology updates from each country, and panel discussions. 2009 marks the 10th year of the CANS collaboration.

CANS 2009 Topics focused on:
 1. Clean Slate, Evolutional, and Incremental Solutions for the Internet
 2. Internet Security Issues
 3. Transition to IPv6
 4. Cloud Computing


Printable Program (PDF) (71.4 KB)


Keynote Presentations:
Clean Slate, Evolutional, and Incremental Solution for the Internet:
Transition to IPv6:
Networking Industry Panel:
Cloud Computing Industry Panel:
Internet Security and Monitoring: