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Opportunities for research and education partnerships between the U.S. and China have grown rapidly since 1979, when the U.S.-China Agreement on Science and Technology initiated government-to-government collaborations that have continued to grow. This has led to growing inventories of scientific research and education collaborations, global exchange of intelligence, and the deployment of U.S. universities of satellite campuses and research centers in China. To support these collaborative activities, Internet2, Indiana University, and the Chinese partner CERNET, with support from the National Science Foundation and the Chinese government, has provided a 10Gbps high performance link between Los Angeles and Beijing.

This link, launched in November 2011, connects CERNET and CSTNET to US research and education networks. With the robust network infrastructure that enables big science data transfer and video conferencing capabilities and the advanced research-motivated network services it offers, this project significantly facilitates the direct US-China research and educational interactions across a variety of fields.  In addition, it plays a key role in enhancing collaborative efforts to foster a global fabric of network capabilities and to provide expanded opportunities for scientific and educational collaborations on global scale.

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