US-China Cyberinfrastructure
Collaboration Initiative

Federated Identity Working Group


Bei Zhang
CERNET, Peking University

Ping Chen
CERNET, Peking University

Jiwu Jing
CSTNET, State Key Laboratory of Information Security

Jack Suess
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Federated Identity Management Working Group focuses on issues concerning with identity management, identity federation, and authorization. Colleagues from CERNET, CSTNET and Internet2 gather together to exchange experiences and ideas. It’s a happy family for Campus Network IT service staff.

The Federated Identity Session started in 2011. The 2011 CANS (Kunming) was focused on exploratory topics to determine is this topic was of mutual interest. At that meeting we identified the following areas of common interest:
• Identity management tools and techniques;
• Group and role-based management;
• Federation issues and opportunities.

Initial Projects
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