US-China Cyberinfrastructure
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Software Defined Networking/Future Internet Working Group


Jun Bi
CERNET, Tsinghua University

Yuepeng E

Stephen Wolff
Past Co-chairs 

Yulei Wu

Network researchers around the world are examining replacements for the Internet architecture to ameliorate some or all of its current apparent defects including opacity, fragility, complexity, inefficiency, immobility, and insecurity.  Examples include MOST and CNGI in China, and FIA together with a number of projects under the GENI umbrella in the US; a common thread internationally is the deployment of OpenFlow/SDN networks, both for production and for experimentation.  The purpose of this CANS WG is to discover and exploit synergies between related Future Internet research groups in China and the US.   

Initial Projects

Define inter-domain mechanisms/protocols and implement interconnection of the OpenFlow networks of Tsinghua University, CSTNET, and Internet2.  Partners include Indiana University, Stanford, CSTNET, Tsinghua University, and Internet2. 

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